Desklers Early Guidance Counseling Program

Desklers provides you with an opportunity to work with experienced consultants to enhance your academic and extracurricular profile. Our students work on their application with their own head consultant, allowing them to have personalized one-to-one counseling sessions. Our head consultants review the progress of each student and guide them on how to excel further.  Moreover, our peer mentorship program provides you with an excellent opportunity to connect with students studying in top-notch schools around the globe.

Our vision


We encourage ambitious and intellectual young students to start developing their profile early in order to get into their dream colleges and universities. This allows you to avail of every opportunity during your stay at high school, and transform your application in the best possible manner. We aim to provide guidance about high school courses, standardized testing, and extracurricular activities in order to turn you into an ideal candidate for the University of your choice by the time you reach your senior year.


We analyze and evaluate your personal strengths and weaknesses by conducting personality tests, psych quizzes and interviews in order to help you begin with your research on colleges, future courses and majors, and intended career path. Desklers will review your profile and help you create a strategy to outshine in your strengths, and overcome your weaknesses.


In our early academic counseling program, we aim to prepare you completely for college application process. Desklers provides you a platform to apply to elite high school programs, and choose the appropriate courses at the right time. Moreover, we strategize standardized testing process for our students. Your complete academic counseling is our top priority in order to transform your application at best.


Desklers provide comprehensive guidance on the type of activities required by specific colleges and institutes, and on how to execute them excellently. We provide platform for to students to involve in community service, international science Olympiads and research programs. Moreover, we also have expertise in athletic recruitment. Desklers drafts a plan for you to balance academic and extracurricular activities at best.

Our Achievements

6th – 10th Grade

Our early academic counseling has successfully placed 97% of students in their dream colleges and universities. Our students secured merit scholarships and exceptional financial aid packages. Desklers is proud of its athlete placements as well.


SAT 1500+
ACT 34 and Above
Athletic Recruitment
O Levels (10As and above)
At least 1 Pakistan Team

WORDS From Our Students

  • Desklers Early Guidance Counseling really helped me get 34 on my ACT and let an admission in Duke University on Full Scholarship. I highly recommend it.

    Farzeen Najam Duke University
  • Signing up with Desklers early helped me get 1500+ on my SAT and later an admission in Carleton College on full scholarship.

    Waleed Iftikhar Carleton College
  • Desklers Academic Counseling program helped me get 12As in my O Levels. I am confident that I am on right track to my dream university.

    Ghasaan Jawwad LGS JT

Our Packages

  • Personal Counseling
    • Personality Tests, Quizes, and Interviews
    • Strengths and Weaknesses Exploration
    • Designing of Career Game Plan
  • Academic Counseling
    • Courses/Subjects Selection
    • SAT/ACT Strategy and Plan
    • Elite Summer School Admissions
  • Extracurricular Guidance
    • Activities Selection
    • Extracurricular Plan
    • Athletic Recruitment

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