Desklers Business Program
Get into the Top Business Schools of the World

Guaranteed Admission

For MBA, we have a team with appropriate knowledge of the admission process and specific requirements of the MBA degree application. Hence, we guarantee that your application is in safe hands and you will land in an excellent institute to pursue your academic endeavors. We work diligently to draft your application for top MBA schools around the globe.

Job Opportunities

We understand that MBA degree choice is a difficult one to make and there is plethora of options to choose from. Desklers analyses all your choices and helps you in making the best one. MBA program at Desklers places you in institutes that can pave a smooth path for you towards employment market. In addition to that, MBA degree program puts you at substantial advantage in the competitive employment market.

Systematic Process

The MBA program by Desklers adopts a very systematic approach. The underlying principles of our process prepare you for the professional life and help you in adapting to the macro environment. You work separately with each of the consultants for a specific component of your application, and the head consultant analyses the progress of each component separately and ensures that your application is a coherent one.

Dedicated Support

We promote an environment of learning, growth and development, in order to transform your weaknesses into strengths. We understand that MBA degree program is demanding and challenging, and we support and guide our applicants at each step to pursue the best degree option in MBA, let it be in management, marketing or finance.

Test Prep

Desklers believes in offering everything you need for your admission under one roof. As a part of our Test Prep, we also offer classes and lectures for GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL.

Interview Prep

After applying to the top Universities, we will not leave you high and dry. We will also guide you on the interviews and followup process till you get into one of your target Universities.

Business Programs

Desklers MBA Program

We guide students all over the world to get admission into the MBA and other Management Programs of the Best Business Schools in the World.

Business Programs

Desklers Finance Program

Desklers Finance and Financial Engineering Program lets you apply to some of the best Universities in Finance especially in the US. We have designed the program in a way that it leads to you earning the designation of CFA.

Desklers Accounting Program

Desklers Accounting Program helps you attain your CPA after doing Masters or PostGraduate Certificate in Accounting from World’s Best Universities in Accounting.

Steps we always take towards completing your application

  • Conceptualization

    After the completion of your interview and personality test with us, we analyze your profile. Desklers understands your ambitions and aspiration, and with mutual consent, decide the college and universities you should apply to. We appoint a head consultant to you with whom you can further discuss your application, and get a reply for all your unanswered questions.

  • Brainstorming

    You will work with our highly competent writing and extracurricular consultant to draft your essays, supplements and activities. All top MBA institutes around the world not only want to see your perfect transcript, but also are looking for an outstanding factor. MBA is a professional degree, and our extracurricular coach will work with you to channelize the resources we have in order to transform your activities accordingly or provide you with other learning platforms. We will introduce you to impeccable internship and research opportunities in order to prepare you for MBA Degree.

  • Execution

    Our head consultant will ensure that your application whether for full-time or part-time MBA program is being completed on time and that progress is being made. Moreover, we will also prepare you for your GMAT test if it is required. The test prep department at Desklers not only handles your preparation, but also helps you in deciding when to give GMAT and other required tests for your MBA application.

  • Refining

    Before sending your final application, all your supplements and essays are being reviewed again by our writing consultant. Moreover, your financial application and documents are also checked by our financial analyst in order to avoid any errors. Desklers ensures that all your recommendations for MBA degree are by professionals asserting your academic and professional capabilities. We also take great pride in the fact by the end of your application process; you will have a published research paper which will add volumes to your MBA application.

  • Finalization

    Your journey with us does not end after submitting your application. Desklers is a pioneer in helping students in terms of their visa application process as well. Once you get into your desired college/university, we will assist you in completing your visa application and our analyst will also guide you on how to manage your finances once you start your MBA degree.


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