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Deskler’s maintains a high level of qualification from the top-down to ensure that the chain of leadership is well established and to allow for highly functional workflow. Our well-rounded heads maintain a high standard in the company in every aspect.


Desklers treats its employees with a flexible mindset and a willingness to cater to growing burdens in a work environment. We provide our employees with generous support in everyday matters while asking for honest commitment and hard work when needed; the true mark of a Deskler is their satisfaction when working which embeds a strong sense of loyalty in all employees.


Desklers lets you develop your own style, and explore becoming the best version of yourself; also allows for employees to learn to modify their approach to tasks based the unique demands of each situation.

6 Different Departments


Marketing and Relations

Human Resource


Research and Development

External Affairs

Our Happy Associates

  • “Have been working for Desklers for the past four years. Started off as an Intern, but this place was so much like home, that I never wanted to leave neither did the team want me to go when my internship finished. Now, I am the General Manager here. It has been an amazing journey so far, fulfilling the dreams of thousands of students. I wish to continue to do so too - not only doing what I love, but doing it at the place I love, Desklers!”

    Zara Hanif Desklers / General Manager
  • “Working at Desklers has always been a wonderful experience! The friendly administration and team's cooperation help you achieve your targets in a very comfortable manner. Since we do not have that rigid bossy environment here, you'd work for hours and hours yourself with bliss. Its very appealing to see students and the team working so hard; securing successful admissions all around the world and ultimately having their satisfying & cheerful feed backs.”

    Sajjal Sajjad Desklers / Relations Manager
  • "Work's fun when there's fun at workplace. The best consultancy one could offer, and one could get. Everything regarding student's admissions is catered with passion. Desklers has an amazing work environment and I love working here every single day. P.S our CEO's pretty cool."

    Salman Munir Desklers / Chief Operating Officer

Why you’ll love it


Our company spirit is built on the innate characteristic of spending time as a family; be it eating together like true Pakistanis to frequent recreational company trips locally and abroad, the Desklers family is one where you always feel at home away from home.



Desklers does not entail a typical boss-employee setup rather allows for equal say of each employee to help make collective decisions. Fun-loving relationships between all team members ensures no one feels as if they work under someone rather all work with each other.


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