Is college prep synonymous for career prep?

Why is it that students make it a matter of life and death when it comes to college applications and admissions? Is it because everyone wants to end up in a top-notch school and boast about it?

The answer lies in the fact that educationists see no difference between being ready for college and ready for a career. There is a reason why high schools should aim to make their students graduate with a skill set that prepares them for economic independence. Yes, this is how early you have to start. Employers want graduates who can think mathematically, communicate, create, work in teams, and solve problems in an entrepreneurial environment. Colleges and universities continue to seek high school graduates who are academically prepared (in a range of subjects, including math) and can communicate, create, and think critically. This means that such skill set needs to be developed in high school and just polished in colleges.

If you get into tiny details, starting from college interviews to filling the application forms, everything is an amateur form of what an individual faces while stepping into practical life.  Researchers have concluded that the skills needed to succeed in the military, a trade school, or the workforce is the same skills needed to succeed at an institution of higher learning.

So if you haven’t hopped on board, it’s never too late. Start getting everything in order and prepare yourself for college because this is what forms your career.

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