Extracurricular Academy

Pakistan’s First Extracurricular Academy to enhance and diversify the student portfolios

What is Extracurricular Academy?

Extracurricular Academy strives to enhance and diversify student portfolios. Our aim is to make students actively participate in activities of their interests, outside the classroom. These activities also play a significant role in securing admissions in the top universities of the world for undergraduate and graduate studies.

  • Ease of Admissions in The Top Universities of the World
  • Help in getting Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Including Ivy League, Stanford, UC Berkeley, MIT, Toronto, Cambridge etc.
  • All Services Under One Roof
  • Professional Instructors
  • Diverse Courses
  • Learning with fun
  • Extracurricular Guidance

Theatre and Drama Program

Having an interest in theatre and drama is often frowned upon however this form of art is an important part of a student’s life as it gives them the opportunity to engage with the creative side of their brain thereby helping them achieve an ideal balance in life.
At Pakistan’s first extracurricular academy we help you participate in music ensembles as they demonstrate teamwork, focus, and dedication all of which can be helpful for you in the future.
Students who are a part of our drama classes will be learning the different methods and schools of thought in action, they will learn how to write their own material (script writing) and will also be introduced to the different approaches to a character along with stage and costume design. These drama classes and productions will allow students to develop their confidence.


Law Moots

Every law student has been through a fair share of horrible law moot experiences. They’ve been lost, confused and at times had no idea of what they were doing.
With Pakistan’s first extracurricular academy, you can now wave those terrible days goodbye. Learn the tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your law moots.


Musical Instruments

Ever wanted to play the guitar or a piano but didn’t know how?
At Pakistan’s first and number one extracurricular academy students can now learn how to play the instrument of their choice.
Under the supervision of highly musicians you can start off with the basics, learn how to play different chords and melodies and then practice. Practicing on a daily basis under the supervision of these highly qualified musicians will help the students grasp a better understanding of the instrument and with their constructive feedback, they will be able to better themselves further and actually develop a skill that will help them in the future.
Being skilled in a certain musical instrument can also enhance the portfolio of a student applying to university.



Have an interest in music and want to learn how to sing?
At Pakistan’s first and only extracurricular academy we will be teaching our students how to sing by helping them figure out their vocal range, match their pitch, sing in tune and also teach them how to control their vocals through some really interesting and fun exercises.
We will also be helping them figure out their own music styles and help them build their repertoire. By practicing with other students in a casual environment and with the help and tips from our highly qualified teachers the students will not only be able to learn music in a more interesting and fun way.



Love the makeup and want to become an expert?
There is nothing stopping you now, join Pakistan’s first extracurricular academy and learn everything from the basics to the perfect contouring techniques, from learning how to blend your eye shadow to achieve the perfect smokey eyes to mastering the latest cut crease trends.
Do what you love and we will help you master all the makeup looks that you will need for yourself or as a makeup artist. Our highly qualified makeup experts will be guiding you and teaching you all the tips and tricks that you need to know in order to enhance your skill and become a professional.


Coding and Computers

Boring lectures are a thing of the past, with Pakistan’s first and number one extracurricular academy learn to code and have fun at the same time.
We have experienced programmers working in multiple domains who will be helping you to learn the basic principles of coding, Logic building, problem-solving and abstract thinking by taking a part in our hands-on programming activities that will help make learning much more fun and interesting. We will be teaching C, C++ programming that will help you understand the programming fundamentals and basics of coding.


Business and Entrepreneurship

Join Pakistan’s first and only extracurricular academy and develop your entrepreneurial skills. With the help of our highly qualified teachers learn the skills necessary to start a new business along with inbound marketing, website optimization, landing pages, lead nurturing and other skills that are needed in order to grow your business and increase your online presence.
We will also be teaching you about the theory and practice of entrepreneurship, frameworks for social entrepreneurship and how to foster a culture of innovation to help your business stay ahead.
Different case studies will also be given on a weekly basis and students will have to work either in teams or individually in order to develop a proper detailed business plan.


Arts and Sketching

At Pakistan’s first and number one extracurricular academy you can now excel in the field of your choice. Want to become an artist but don’t know where to start, well worry no more.
The Extra-Curricular academy brings to you the perfect blend of learning and fun.
Our art and design workshops help you get a better grasp and understanding of your creative side by helping you find the inspiration that you need in order to fuel your creativity. Art can do wonders and with the right guidance, you can achieve whatever you want on your perfect canvas.


Science and robotics

Science and robotics is an interesting field which is not just as simple and easy as building things with legos. Robotics incorporate aspects of many disciplines including engineering, sciences and arts along with a little bit of imagination.
At Pakistan’s first extracurricular academy we will be helping you learn a lot more about the technical aspects of robotics along with helping you enhance your design and construction skills.
We will also be teaching you the art of problem solving along with helping you prepare for and compete in various local and national science competitions and by doing this help you gain the confidence and experience that you need in order to represent Pakistan globally in various science and robotics olympiads.


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