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What if we don’t live near one of your offices?

We deal with students all over the world through our online counseling program.

How flexible are your consultants when it comes to scheduling appointments?

We are very flexible in regards to the timings of our students, as we know they have school. But we intend that our students keep track of their deadlines and be punctual.

Are you only focused on helping students looking at elite and Ivy League schools?

No. We deal with all kinds of students and help them get into the best-fit colleges depending on their educational criteria. We are here for everyone.

How much do you charge?

We have a variety of packages depending on your requirements. To learn more about our service and fee options, please contact us and we will design a customized option for you.

I have a college counselor at my high school; do I need an independent consultant?

Yes. Some students come to us because their children attend schools where the student/counselor ratio is very high and they seek more personalized guidance. Because each Desklers consultant works with relatively few students and is not burdened with additional responsibilities beyond college counseling, we can provide a highly individualized service throughout the year, including the summer.

Others may choose to work with us because they want an additional and impartial perspective that will benefit their child. Whatever the reason, our focus is entirely on the student (vs. a particular school or college) and what is in his or her best interests. We do not replace the school counselor; in fact, we encourage our students to work closely with their school counselors, and we teach them how to utilize their school’s guidance resources fully.

When is the best time to begin working with a college-bound student?

While many students come to us when they are in the 11th or 12th grades, it is helpful to begin our relationship with the student as early as the 8th or 9th grade so that we can develop a four-year high school plan encompassing curriculum, standardized testing, and extracurricular activities that will maximize their potential. The high school curriculum is one of the most critical factors in college admissions.

What differentiates Desklers from other educational consultants?

We have significant experience guiding students with widely differing backgrounds, abilities, and interests. Our consultants collaborate closely with one another, so each student benefits from our team approach and collective experience. We do not deal in panel universities and help the student get into the best-fit colleges.

What services do you provide? (General)

We guide students bound for college and Graduate School; also, we have consultants with expertise in athletic recruiting.

We offer a range of services from a single session consultation to our comprehensive guidance service, which will take the student through the entire admissions process. Depending on individual needs, Desklers consultants will provide guidance on a student’s academic program, an appropriate list of schools or colleges, a standardized test schedule, advice on extra-curricular and summer activities, essay guidance and interview preparation.

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