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Every Head Consultant has insider knowledge and experience of graduate admissions at a top-tier University.  With Complete School Packages you will also work with School Specialists who have specific knowledge of the school and program you aim to attend. They will ensure your whole application is tailor-made according to the needs and requirements of your dream university.

From our 2013 launch by our founder Hashaam Khan on his acceptance from UC Berkeley to serving more than 750 students in just three years, our growth has been fueled by word of mouth. We ask every client to complete a detailed evaluation of our service. The overwhelming majority of our graduate admissions consulting clients give us perfect 5-star scores. If you are not completely satisfied with your Head Consultant when you start working with us, contact us within seven days and we will give you your money back or switch consultants. No hassle. No risk. No questions asked.

Desklers Prep’s multiple books and resources, which will be provided to you for free when you join, makes Desklers the world’s leading resource for any top graduate program around the world. It powers through the schools’ promoting language to give a down to business, an insider viewpoint to enable you to recognize the schools that will best fit your needs. From guiding you through the imperative qualities that graduate programs confirmations officers search for, to breaking down every business college’s exceptional culture, this Fundamental Guide will give you particular, noteworthy bits of knowledge that you can use to compose more grounded expositions and exceed expectations in your affirmations meet.

Four reasons why you’ll love Desklers


100% of our Head Consultants have Graduate Admissions experience.

Deepest Knowledge

The only service with dedicated Specialists for every top school.

Personalized Counseling

Industry-leading One to one counseling. Work with an expert dedicated to you.

Proven Results

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars by clients like you.

Online Counseling Program

Desklers offers online counseling all over the world. No matter where you are in the world, we have got your back. To get started, you will submit a basic profile information and questionnaire. You will then be connected to a head consultant based on your personal and academic requirements. He or She will then be working with you every step of the way online through Skype. 

Our Packages

Complete School Packages



Desklers pioneered the fixed price, comprehensive approach to graduate admissions. When you sign up for a Comprehensive School Package, we only have one goal in mind: getting you into your preferred business schools. We don’t count hours. We don’t limit our responsibilities. We are on your team and will keep working with you day after day until you submit flawless applications.

Our 3-School Package is the most popular option among Desklers Prep clients. We use a scientifically proven pairing process to find the best Head Consultant for you. On average, our admissions consultants earn more than 4.7 out of 5 stars from their clients. Within three business days, you and your consultant will get started. Payment plans available.


  • Basic Package
    • 5 Universities
    • 1 Country
    • Complete Applications Guidance
  • Unlimited Package
    • Unlimited Universities
    • Unlimited Countries
    • Complimentary Test Prep

Our Process



Using your Personalized Admissions Game Plan™ your Head Consultant will help you identify differentiators in your story and potential red flags. With our unparalleled research of every top program, you’ll receive goal guidance and school selection insight from your Head Consultant.

Services and Packages


Your team of writing consultants will help you craft quality essays that show both fit and uniqueness. Your Head Consultant along with the writing expert will work with you on multiple drafts of your essays until they are complete. Your School Specialists will also provide essay reviews to ensure perfectly tailored essays for each individual school.



Your Financial Analyst will research and complete applications that reflect your academic and personal profile and yield highest amount of scholarships. He will also complete and properly submit financial documents to qualify you for the highest amount of financial aid and scholarships possible.



The work does not end here; we will not leave you high and dry after submitting your application. Most universities require for you to prepare interviews and our head consultants will also help you get through that part of the process. In case a student is waitlisted, don’t worry! We got your back there too.

Work 1-on-1 with a Head Consultant. Ultimate flexibility.

Hourly Packages 

You can receive graduate admissions assistance on any part of your applications: brainstorm and plan your application strategy, create an impactful resume, receive detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement on any number of essays, conduct mock interviews, or all of the above.

Directions: Our typical hourly client spends 12 hours working with their consultant. Not a minute is wasted and all work is accounted for, whether it is spent on written feedback or discussions over the phone. We offer total transparency, and you will know exactly what work has been done.

Time is money and we make sure that every penny spent is worth your time. Not a minute is wasted and all work is accounted for, with our hourly package system we offer you all our services in the most efficient manner. Every minute is utilized whether spent working on drafting your application, feedback on your written content or discussions over the phone.

  • 5 Hours
    • 5 Hours
    • Ask your most important questions from your head consultant
  • 10 Hours
    • 10 Hours/li>
    • Receive guidance on key application items from your head consultant
  • 15 Hours
    • 15 Hours
    • Targeted guidance on Personal Statement and Essays


Estimate: 1-2 hours

If you aren’t applying to the right schools, then little else will matter.
Use your consultant to:

  • Understand differences among programs
  • Target which schools will best enable you to achieve your goals and interests
  • Identify profile strengths and weaknesses and develop your application strategy
  • Tailor your applications accordingly


Estimate: 1-2 hours

Admissions officers look for qualities beyond job duties often listed on a typical resume.
Your knowledgeable consultant can:

  • Help you structure your resume for greatest effectiveness in MBA applications
  • Ensure you highlight the experiences and attributes sought by admissions officers
  • Prioritize content to stand out from peers


Estimate: 2 hours

Improve your interviewing skills with a School Specialist who has firsthand experience with your target school.
They will:

  • Conduct a realistic mock interview
  • Ask the exact questions you’ll likely hear from the admissions officers
  • Provide you detailed feedback and specific suggestions for improvement


Brainstorming Estimate: 1-2 hours

Review Estimate: 1 hour/draft

Essay editing is much more than just grammar and spelling!
Your consultant will:

  • Help you brainstorm essay topic ideas to make the greatest impact
  • Suggest a structure for powerful storytelling
  • Provide feedback on multiple drafts
  • Leverage admissions experience so you stand out to the admissions committee


Estimate: 1 hour

Recommendations must show “pound the table” enthusiasm.
We’ll help by:

  • Helping you avoid milquetoast recommenders and select strong advocates
  • Outlining how to prepare them to write the most powerful recommendations
  • Providing insider insight regarding current supervisors, entrepreneurs, and so forth.


Estimate: 2 hours

Don’t lose hope if you’ve been waitlisted!
We’ve worked with hundreds of waitlisted candidates to help them:

  • Overcome potential concerns in their submitted applications
  • Communicate effectively with admissions committees without over bearing
  • Improve weaknesses to gain admission

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