What kinds of Internships look good on a student’s College Application and how can they make the most of their college internships?

This is a huge area of interest these days. These are questions that most students face before and after graduating and are trying to find their dream job. Internships and mentoring might be just the right way to get an answer to these questions. Internships open doors to the road of success. Internships are beneficial not only to the interns but to the employers as well. For example, interns gain networking skills, knowledge about the job field, strengthen the resume, prove themselves to employers, gives them an advantage over other applicants to get the job, and even gain some income. Students who are fortunate enough to have internships during college can test out work life, make important contacts for their days after college, get stellar references for graduate and summer work, and can test out some of the theory of class with practical applications. But the important question that arises is that which internships are actually worth it all? Search for internships in your field of study and use those internships to explore the professional possibilities in your area of interest. You will create a more rewarding experience if you are determined to work hard and take responsibility. There are several things you can do to make the best of your internship. Work hard and make an impact on the organization. Be impressive and likable. Managers will always remember you if you had a positive attitude and were great all around. You will probably be offered a paid position or they will recommend to others.

Secondly, and most importantly always go for something out of the box and not a regular internship that every other student in your school is running after. Find something different and interesting even if it is an ordinary internship and not something everyone was ranting about. In the end what matters is how much you learned from your experience in that particular internship and whether or not it was related to your area of interest. Even if an internship choice was not ideal, you may still come away with new professional connections to add to your growing network and one or two mentors who may refer you to another internship in a related field. Once you have an internship, it’s time to soar! Be enthusiastic but not pushy. Take on all sorts of tasks, even those with which you may not be comfortable. Volunteer when it’s least expected. Help the organization out by using your skills for their benefit. Internships aren’t about money. They’re about the experience. So make it worth your time.


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