Why Volunteering Matters for College Admissions?

Among the many questions students raise regarding the college admissions process, one of them is in regards to whether: “It is important that I do volunteer work while I am in high school?” The short answer is: Yes, it does matter.

Community involvement is essential to a well-rounded and impressive college or scholarship application, and community service demonstrates community involvement. So what is it about social work and volunteering that will make you stand out and an out of the box application? Extracurricular activities show admissions officers what kind of person you are, and how important is the social work for you in line with your personal life. Admissions officers are looking for quality community service consistently over an extended period. Many institutions are dedicated to giving back to their communities with programs and opportunities that not only help others but also build strong leaders and community members within the student body.

I would say nowadays; charitable effort may have a slight leg up on extracurricular exercises regarding “boosting” your application because various foundations now fuse Community Engagement into the educational programs. Likewise, as extracurriculars, it’s always critical to recollect that more can be less. As an admissions counselor, it’s more important for me to see that a student is actively or heavily engaged in a particular volunteering opportunity, it tells me that they enjoy and care about that issue. As opposed to having a slight inclusion with numerous associations I urge students to work for a single cause even, however a critical one. Once more, engagement is vital.

Keep in mind to always maintain a healthy balance between all of the different activities you participate in. In other words, don’t go running to sign up for every possible community service opportunity and sacrifice your academics in order to do them. This demonstrates that you have time management skills, and you are able to engage in multiple activities without becoming overwhelmed or losing focus. You want to show colleges and universities that you can indeed manage your time well, doing these great things in your community while also striving for excellence in the classroom. Show them how you can gain the best of both worlds; for which you are the best fit for their college, and they would miss out on having you there.

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